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The Headscratchers Difference
  • We customize. By interviewing the participants, we gather insights into their roles and challenges, allowing us to tailor the course with exercises and examples that resonate directly with the learners.

  • A Pragmatic Framework and Toolset. Unlike other courses focused on academic left brain, right brain theories, our practical approach enables learners to immediately and effectively apply their learning in real-world scenarios, both in their professional and personal lives.

  • We specialize in critical thinking training, dedicating our expertise solely to this area since 2004. Our experience spans a diverse range of companies and organizational levels, underscoring our ability to tailor learning to each participant's needs.

  • Engaging Interactive Training. Our blended approach to learning with lectures, breakout groups, practice exercises, lively discussions, and insightful Q&A sessions, ensuring a rich, multi-faceted educational experience.

  • Actual business application. Workshop participants practice their new skills with their specific issues, problems, and objectives. This approach tailors the experience and results in participants being fully equipped to implement what they've learned into action within their roles.

  • Our energy is infectious. With a deep passion for this subject, we do more than just impart critical thinking skills; we engage and inspire our participants, encouraging them to realize and embrace the benefits.
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