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#201:  Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Decision Making 

This one-day workshop provides attendees with an excellent foundation and set of tools and techniques for Critical Thinking in a variety of situations.  The participants practice these tools in exercise sessions using a real individual business issue.  The templates, called Thinksheets, are used as a guide for thinking, both in the class, and to aid future out of class use.

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When conducting the above workshop with a class of only supervisors and managers, we'll tailor the examples and exercises for these participants.   Also see our 3-day workshop #361 specifically designed for managers and leaders.

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#301:  Advanced Critical Thinking and Decision Making

This workshop builds on the material from course 201 “Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Decision Making”, with added content, practice, and case study time to strengthen comprehension.  Additional topics include: Influencing and Communicating ideas, Making Fast Decisions, Fuzzy Criteria, Analysis Paralysis, A 11-Point Risk model and template, Advanced Decision Criteria, Preeminent Metrics.  

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#351:  Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Decision Making (Core + Advanced)

This two-day workshop combines the material from #201 (our core workshop), #301 (Advanced) and #501 (Critical Thinking for Innovation) into a format that leverages the value of all three workshops into a two day format.

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Our new course for Leaders

#361:  Critical Thinking for Supervisors, Managers and Leaders

This three-day workshop contains all the material from #351 with a focus and extended module on Thinking Coach, i.e. getting others to think critically.  Critical Thinking is a necessary tool for the modern leader.  This workshop is generally part of a Leadership training curriculum.

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#501:  Advanced Critical Thinking and Innovation

This workshop, builds on skills learned in course 201, “Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Decision Making” workshop and focuses on Innovation; The creation of something new or modified that obtains a positive result.  The participants will learn tools and techniques for Innovation, such as Abductive, Outside-the-box and Impossible thinking, and, during numerous breakout exercises, will practice their new learning on a real goal or problem they bring to class.

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#601:  Critical Thinking for Executives

This abbreviated one half day workshop is designed for Executives and exposes them to the framework, tools and techniques of Critical Thinking, either prior to or in parallel with employees of the organization.  The focus is to introduce a framework for Critical Thinking and some of the most important tools they can leverage.  Also covered is how to create and sustain a culture for Critical Thinking.

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#711: Critical Thinking Deep Dive

This half day to two day engagement provides participants with HeadScratchers expertise in facilitating critical thinking sessions to conduct a deep dive into a specific issue, problem or goal. Contact HeadScratchers to discuss your particular situation and objective

#751:  Mini-Coaching Sessions

This consists of two 15-minute sessions to follow-up on the Next Step plans that are created in the workshops. These coaching sessions range from issues around the implementation of the plan, questions that come up, or what’s next.  The purpose of these coaching sessions is to increase the retention, and fortify usage of the skills learned from the course.  Coaching sessions are an optional add-on to courses.

#752:  Coaching Sessions

Post training coaching sessions to help participants with challenges they encounter during the application of critical thinking to difficult situations.

#801:  Custom Speeches

60 to 90 minute engaging speeches related to Critical Thinking, Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making.  

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