•  How do we increase productivity by 25%?
  How do I get my direct reports to make more decisions?
 •  How can I improve general problem solving and decision making skills?
 •  What product changes will improve sales and how do we get there?
 •  How to we not only survive, but thrive, in this economic downturn?
 •  Our Products are "me-too", How do we break out with something innovative?
 •  What are the constraints in the business model and how do we remove them?
 •  Is our development process optimal for our product strategy?
 •  How do we improve quality and concurrently improve time to market?
 •  Should we "outsource" or "insource"?
 •  What should our marketing strategy be to better compete?
 •  What is the back-office architecture and strategy to support the business plan?
 •  Why do we spend so much on Communications?
 •  My manager likes my proposal, but why isn't he taking action?
 •  How can we set expectations with senior management when so many parts are moving?
 •  Our project is about to go into the "tank".  What do we do?
 •  We're going to run out of money before we finish the project ... now what?
   How do we balance dynamic work streams with limited resources and competing priorities?
Here are a few examples of real HeadScratchers our clients have used in the Workshops.
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